Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials For Creating a Gorgeous Look -

Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials For Creating a Gorgeous Look

beginner makeup kit essentials

Beginner makeup is more than just applying shadows and lipstick to your skin. Makeup is also an art of hiding imperfections on your face with proper makeup. The shade of your eyes, the color of your cheeks or lips, and even the position of your eyeliner on your face will determine the appearance of your whole face in photographs.

Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials are products that you must have if you are planning on taking photos of yourself. When taking photos of yourself, a warm, neutral tone is best for your skin. For your eye shadows, a powder foundation is recommended, not oil based. For your blush, a highlighter will accentuate your cheekbones, and a highlighter is very hard to remove once it is applied. Your blush palette should include one to two colors of blush.

An Overview

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A beginner makeup kit must also contain eye shadow, concealer, and lipstick. The eye shadow will be used to camouflage any brown marks, birthmarks, or dark circles from your skin that you don’t want people to see. You can use a loose powder shadow with a medium density to get the natural look, or a pencil shadow. Concealer will cover up any redness caused by sun damage, or blemishes. Lip color needs to be matte and stay in all day, so a liquid or cream lipstick is not the best choice for a beginner make up kit.

Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials are products that you must have if you plan on taking photos of yourself. Eye shadows, blushes, eye liner, lipstick, and foundation are all part of a make up kit, but they are not essential for taking professional pictures. If you are only learning how to take photos at home, skip the eye shadow and blush. You will need an affordable palette that contains enough foundation to cover your entire face, a concealer brush, a lip palette, and a lip gloss.

Beginner Medical Kit Essentials

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Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials consists of mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner. Mascara comes in either water-based or oil-based versions. Both brands will give you a wide array of colors to choose from, but the oil-based brands tend to last longer and are easier to clean. Mascara goes into your eye directly after applying eye makeup. To get a natural look, do not skip this step. Your eyeliners will not last long if you do not prime and apply your liner first.

Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials may include a blush palette, if you don’t already have one. An average blush palette holds about two quarts of product, so make sure you get the right size. If you have ever tried to blend blush by holding your fingers over your nose and then up under your eyes, you know how difficult that can be. A high quality blush palette will make it much easier to create great looking color on your skin.

The third thing you should have with your Beginner Makeup Kit is a makeup artist’s kit. A professional makeup artist works with different shades. Some are warm tones, some are cool tones, and some are neutral colors that can be used for all skin tones. Your palette should contain colors that will compliment your skin tone as well as accentuate your cheekbones, eyelashes, chest, etc. Make sure your palette has at least three main shades.

In The End

If you do not find a palette that contains enough shades for your needs, you can buy additional shades separately and mix your palette together. Beginner Makeup Kit Essentials does not always come complete with mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, or eyeliner. You should also have a few basic products that you use for the finishing touches, such as blush, bronzer, and lip gloss. If you have these products along with your basic items, you should be able to create a great look without too many complications.

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