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Eyebrow Extensions To Enhance Facial Features

Eyebrow Extensions To Enhance Facial Features

The eyebrows with unique shapes have attracted many fashionistas these days. Prominent and attractive eyebrows are in trend now, and even two years before that. Beautiful eyebrow extensions make your face look attractive apart from giving shape to your face and looks. Your face has various forms and eyebrows to make them attractive. There is always a perfect eyebrow shape for every face. Again, you will see many people who experiment with their eyebrows by using eyebrows extension. Moreover, celebrities are always experimenting with their looks by modelling their eyebrows.

Nowadays, heavy eyebrows are the latest trend, and it is assumed that fatter eyebrows make you look years younger than you are. But, all your plans come to a halt when you have lighter or thinner eyebrows. Lighter eyebrow doesn’t do the justice you need for your looks. No matter how sharp your facial features might be, your attractiveness fades away if you have lighter eyebrows.

Eyebrow Extensions To Enhance Facial Features
Eyebrow Extensions To Enhance Facial Features

Thin Eyebrow Extensions

There is also a solution to the problem of thin eyebrows. You need not worry about lighter or disfigured eyebrows anymore. Eyebrows extension is the solution to all your eyebrows pangs. It fulfills the requirement to fill up all the thinner areas and the need to reshape your arch or reorganize your total eyebrows after hair-loss. Through extensions, you can have different looks and even have your entire eyebrows back. This process is temporary, but this is the most natural and safer process of making your eyebrows bolder and add volume to them.

Moreover, it is the best option for those who lack the natural volume of their eyebrows. Also, for those who have a negligible amount naturally or have lost them due to medical reasons. The process has zero risks, and they are very similar to eyelash extensions. 

Eyebrow Extensions To Enhance Facial Features
Eyebrow Extensions To Enhance Facial Features

Process Of Extensions

The extensions are done with synthetic hair material or tiny mink fibers. These fibers are attached to the bare skin or with the existing brows creating a fuller look. The process takes up to two or three hours, and around 200 hairs are utilized on one side. The extensions generally last up to two to three weeks, and also it depends upon your lifestyle and maintenance. Then you can again visit the salon for fill-ins, and the next time you can experiment with a different shape and look for your eyebrows.

Moreover, to retain the volume of your eyebrows, you will have to take care of them in the following way:- 

  • Try to keep your eyebrows dry for 24 to 48 hours after the fill-ins. During this time, you cannot have a shower, apply water on your face. 
  • You must avoid using makeup products that have oil in it, such as the makeup remover, etc. 
  • You must avoid rubbing your face too much while cleansing your face and also change clothes carefully. 
  • Try sleeping with your back on the pillow and never rest your face on the pillow.

Eyebrows extension is always a better option than microblading. With extensions, you can get natural-looking eyebrows of various sizes for various occasions, which isn’t possible in case of microblading, which is a permanent thing.

So, if you are looking for something better than makeup, but not permanent like microblading, eyebrows extension is the best option. The cost of such treatment is reasonable, but it depends on which area you live in. Also, visit a salon that has a proper license and experience, and gather fuller and natural eyebrows to have killer looks.

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