Great Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

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Do you need makeup tips for big eyes? Do you want to know how you can get that celebrity look without having to spend all your hard earned money? There are some great makeup tips for big eyes out there and they are easy to follow! If you have ever considered trying out some of these tips, then they may be for you. Just keep on reading to learn more about them.

An Overview

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Big eyes are certainly one of the best makeup tips for big eyes just to make them stand out even more! For me, of course do a complete line up of a light shimmery color at the lash line under your lower lashes and add in some shimmer to eyeliner and middle shade as well. Then do a highlight on the eyelid. I love this tip because it makes the eyes look much smaller! You may also use a glittery eye shadow in a contrasting color to really draw attention to the eyes.

The second of the makeup tips for big eyes is to go for darker shades of eye makeup. Dark eyes are often times ignored by women, but when done right, they can really give you that extra bit of pop that you are trying so hard for. Try using a dark gray or brown shade as an eyeliner, and a charcoal or black shade as the shadow for the brow bone. These will really bring out the contrast between your light round eyes and your dark, dramatic eyes.

Target These Steps 

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The third thing to do is to apply a white eye shadow on the upper lid along the outer edge of your eye, just above your eye. This will help to highlight the lower part of your face, which you are trying to disguise. You can use a soft pink, lavender, or light blue shade. Any light shade will work, but make sure you do not use a white color. A white color will not only hide your natural eye color, but will also make your eyes look smaller than they really are.

The fourth tip is to use a sheer white or cream colored eye shadow. The light color will help to highlight the upper and lower lids, while the dark will help to accentuate inner corners of your eyes. Another great tip that you can try is to use a very soft and subtle blush. Not too intense, but enough to give your face a healthy glow.

The fifth of my makeup tips for big eyes is to play up your eyes by using warm brown shimmery eye makeup. This will help to bring out the richness of your skin and the depth of your eyes. This is another way to add definition to your eye area, without having to use much. You can find this type of shimmery eye makeup in both cream and powder forms. Make sure you apply both of these very lightly.

Final Tip 

The sixth of my makeup tips for big eyes is to always go with a natural looking eyeliner. Although it may be more difficult to pull off, using a liner that is darker in color will help to draw attention to your eyes, and will also make your eyes appear much larger. If you do decide to use a darker liner, then you may want to choose shades that are darker in color, such as black or brown. These types of colors will help to create a more dramatic effect with your eyeliner.


Finally, keep adding colors to your eye look as you wear your eye makeup. You can keep adding colors, as long as you have all of your other eye makeup in place. You should also take the time to get your hair just right. When you have your hair pulled up into a bun, and your makeup on your face, you can make your eyes look even more stunning. Your eyes are the most important part of your face, so you should spend a little extra time on them to make yourself beautiful.

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