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Before we get into details, let’s begin with a bit of background information on nails in general! This way, you will better understand how Cali Nail can help.

Nails are made of a protein called keratin, which is found in hair and skin. Nails protect the tips of our fingers and toes from damage, but they do much more than just that. These tough ridges on the ends of our digits contain several essential components for overall health.

Cali Nail Product Benefits

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1. Strengthens and grows longer nails

You might be wondering HOW? The answer is simple: by nourishing the nail bed and matrix. The nail bed is the pink part of your nails, and where new cells are created. The nail matrix is beneath the cuticle at the root of each finger/toe (it looks like a half-circle). During this process, calcium is moved from the matrix to the newly formed cells, which is why it’s so relevant that nails contain the right amount of calcium to prevent weak and brittle nails.

2. Restores health and shine to damaged nails

If you have ever had a hangnail or a split nail, you know how unsightly they can be! Cali Nail can help with this, too. Nails are composed of layers, much like skin. If one or more of these layers become damaged, the nail will appear chipped or brittle. Cali Nail helps to restore nails to their healthy state by repairing existing damage and preventing future damage from occurring!

3. Detangles and moisturizes cuticles

You might not know this, but the skin around your nails is just as important as the actual nail itself! If cuticles are left to dry out or become too thick, they can split and cause other problems. Cali Nail helps to soften cuticle skin by penetrating it with essential nutrients that maintain its healthy appearance.

4. Works for both men and women!

Almost anyone can use Cali Nail! Whether your nails are weak, damaged, or brittle, Cali Nail works for everyone! The only people who may not see as much of a difference as others would be those with healthy nails, to begin with. If you have always had strong and healthy fingernails, the results from Cali Nail may be minimal.

Cali Nail Ingredients

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Now that you know how Cali Nail works. Let’s take a look at what it does! This product has been called the “miracle worker” for nails because it contains many essential nutrients that are well-known to promote healthy nail growth. Some of these ingredients include.

Vitamin A: helps with cell regeneration and smoothing of the skin.

Vitamin C: An antioxidant that helps prevent damage to the nail bed.

Calcium: strengthens nails and prevents breakage.

Manganese: a mineral is known to support healthy bones, teeth, and gums (this mineral is significant for overall health).

Silica: a mineral contained in many different foods that helps strengthen nails and bones.

Cali Nail Directions

After cleansing your hands and nails, you will apply Cali Nail generously to each nail bed and under the tip of each finger/toe. There is no need to massage the product! Simply absorb it into your skin and nails! Treatment can be done daily for best results, but a few times a week will still benefit your nails.

The best part about Cali Nail? It’s all-natural! There are no harmful chemicals, preservatives, or artificial ingredients in this product. If you’re interested in trying a nail treatment, it’s worth trying Cali Nail!

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