How Does a Permanent Eyeliner Last

permanent eyeliner

If you are searching for the best eyeliner for black eyes, you should definitely consider using permanent eyeliner. It gives you the look of a more natural eyeliner and can last for years. It is available as a liquid pen-on liner, pencil, or liquid gel. Read on for a comparison of these three products.

Liquid Eyeliner Pens


Liquid eyeliner pens are the most common form of permanent eyeliner. This type has a waxy base and is offered in both black and natural colors. A liquid pen-on liner gives the ultimate precise, radiant, true-to-life bold line in an earthy, rich plum shade. It goes on smoothly in just one smooth stroke to create any style of eye color. Dries fast, too.

The semi-permanent eyeliner procedure includes a liner that is smeared over a prescribed area of the lower lid, then dried off with a towel. A thin line of this goes on top of a regular foundation so that it does not blend into the regular makeup. This provides a more natural look than many regular makeup brands. It looks particularly attractive under heavy make-up or when used outdoors.

Liquid gel eyeliners are similar to pencils but give you a more full look. They do not have as defined a line as pencils, but the natural-looking lash line is still prominent. They are a bit difficult to apply, but go on easily and don’t blend into the rest of your eyelash. This is the easiest to wear and most comfortable. However, it does not look as natural-looking as a semi-permanent eyeliner.

Applying Pigment To The Lower Lash Line

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The permanent makeup technique involves applying pigment to the lower lash line and the upper brow bone. This gives the eyes definition and draws the eye toward the center of the face. Most people prefer this kind of cosmetic procedure for their upper eyelashes since they are not very attractive with regular mascara. However, it can also be done on lower lashes and even between the tips of the lashes. The pigment is applied to the area with an eyeliner brush. It can be helpful for those who are unsure about applying this type of cosmetic procedure themselves.

Get A Tattoo

Another option for those who are interested in getting permanent makeup eyeliner is to get a tattoo. Some women are turning to body art as a way to decorate their bodies without having to undergo the pain and expense of getting permanent eyeliner. There are many body art designs that feature permanent eyeliner. The most popular designs are tribal, butterfly and star tattoos. Although these tattoos look great, they can be quite expensive and the application process takes a fair amount of time.


No matter what technique women choose, it’s important to remember that the permanent eyeliner will last for up to four months. Even after using the product, it will still look natural-looking. Therefore, if one wants to have an eyeliner that looks natural-looking, one should not put too much pressure on the eyelids. A good method to achieve this look is to apply a concealer to conceal the darkness in the eyes before applying the permanent makeup.

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