How Much Do Tattoos Cost – Your Guide About The Price Of The Tattoos

how much do tattoos cost

To determine the actual cost of a tattoo is not a simple task. We need to think about plenty of facts and then work on them to get the best price. You must have full knowledge of what tattoo you will get, the size, color, and many more things. 

The best advice is to get a tattoo when you want to get one and not do something that you regret later. Also, you can save up for a tattoo rather than settling for the one that is in your budget. One also needs to take extra care of the health and stuff, so don’t settle for the lesser one. 

The Famous Rates That Determine How Much Do Tattoos Cost

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Flat Rates 

If you want to get a tattoo that is already known to the tattoo artist and can be considered as the pre-drawn design, it will not cost you your budget unless the artist is famous and very experienced. Also, the tattoos that you select from the shop designs will be less costly. 

Hourly Rates

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If you are getting inked by a high-profile tattoo artist then, they will charge more on an hourly basis, like $100 to $250 an hour. So, consider doing to the new tattoo artist so you both can get a benefit out of each other.

Half Or Full Day Rates 

In certain cases, the tattoo may take a day or two or three. Factors like size and body placement will decide the half/full day rates, and you have to visit the shop at least three times and the final time to get the touch-up after the whaling process is complete. 

Some Faqs Regarding How Much Do Tattoos Cost – 

  • How much do tattoos cost if we get a regular one? 

The basic thing here that you need to understand is that every tattoo shop has its facilities and set prices. On an average note, a regular tattoo may cost you around $50 to $150. Remember the tip – the experience the tattoo artist is, the higher the price. 

  • How much do name letter tattoos cost? 

It depends on the size, and the place that you want to get inked at will be the sole factor that will decide the price of the name letter tattoo. 

Factors That Are Responsible For Tattoo Price 

  • Artist expertise and experience
  • Tattoo shop location
  • Design complexity
  • Colors and size 
  • Body placement


Now, you know the factor that helps to determine the cost of the tattoo, and you get a fine idea of how much tattoos cost. This information will help you on deciding the tattoo as well as not to get tricked by the tattoo artist. 

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