How To Apply The Perfect Makeup Tutorials

makeup tutorials

If you’re a beginner beauty prone, makeup tutorials can be one of the most valuable beauty accessories you can have. From a natural no-makeup makeup application to wearing eyeliner and eye shadow like a professional, these are your best step-by-step makeup tutorials for beginning beauty seekers. You can get a wide variety of tutorials online or even purchase an ebook with makeup tutorials.

Applying Cat Eyeliner Correctly

Before I go any further, I must say that one of my all-time favorite makeup tutorials is how to apply cat eyeliner correctly. The tutorial shows you how to take the base color of your eyes and blend it in using the brush. After that, you take your finger and outline the shape of your eye, starting from your temple, going down your chin, and extending to your cheekbones. The tutorial shows you how to do this with several colors of liquid liner.

How To Apply Foundation

Another beauty tutorial I have been looking forward to is one on how to apply foundation. The author of the tutorial shows you how to mix a tube of concealer and a little bit of powder. Then, add some powder to the concealer. Next, take the line of foundation and dip it into the concealer. Follow the guidelines of the makeup tutorials, and then give your face a light powder puff.

How To Apply False Lashes

One of my favorite makeup tutorials is the one on learning how to apply false lashes. According to the tutorial, you will need a black mascara wand, a small brush, and dark lashes. When it comes to learning how to apply false lashes, the author clearly states that you will need to wet your lashes with water and then smudge them a little until they are blended. After that, take your black wand and slowly pull the string to create two separate lashes.

How To Create Eye Shadow

Another makeup tutorial I have been looking forward to is one on how to create eye shadow. According to the author of the tutorial, you should start by lining the area below your eyes. Next, use the large brush to create a thin line at the very outer edge of your eye. You will need to use three colors and blend them according to the instructions of the makeup tutorials.

Free Makeup Tutorials

If you love makeup, there are plenty of opportunities for you to practice your makeup skills. A lot of makeup artists give free makeup tutorials to their customers. You can either go to a salon or even your makeup artist to practice your makeup skills. However, if you are short on time, you can find some free makeup samples online.

Creating A Smokey Eye

Some popular makeup tutorials are creating a smokey eye, creating a no-makeup makeup look, and creating a smokey eye. The smoky eye is one of the most popular makeup looks today. You can either use liquid eyeliner, pencils, or brushes to create a smokey eye. You can then blend these three colors using an eyeliner brush. A Smoky eye is achieved by first drawing a line inside the lower corner of your eye. Next, create a darker line inside this dark corner. Blend the two darker colors using an eyeliner brush. Create a lighter border color for your eyebrows and blend the colors to get a more delicate effect. These makeup tutorials will surely help you become more confident about applying your makeup.

How To Apply Blush To Your Face

Other makeup tutorials teach you how to apply eyeliner and how to apply blush to your face. This is very necessary, especially if you are preparing for a night out. You can either wear a pair of makeup eyeshadow or pencils, depending on your mood. You can also play around with a few makeup brushes so that you can learn more about applying eyeliner and blush.

No-Makeup Makeup Look

One of the most exciting makeup tutorials today is a tip on creating a no-makeup makeup look by using social media. Specifically, it teaches you how to create a smokey eye by applying a dab of blusher and a dash of blusher over your eye. You can place these makeup tips in a small clear bag. Bring the bag to the party and throw it over your shoulders. Your friends and your family will be amazed at how good you look with your no-makeup makeup look. It’s easy to do, and it looks incredibly professional.

Final Lines

Another great idea of all the YouTube makeup tutorials is the ones related to lip color. Several videos show the pros and cons of different lip colors. Some of the colors even come with their applicators, so you don’t have to use your fingers to apply them. Lipsticks come in various shades and finishes and can even be purchased in sets. Makeup artists even use smocked lip stains to change the look of their lips occasionally. All you need to do is to play around and experiment.

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