Is Semi Permanent Tattoo Real Or A Scam

semi permanent tattoo

Have you ever heard about the semi permanent tattoo? The semi-permanent tattoo only lasts six weeks or six months or maybe for six years. For sure, there will be no one because there is nothing that you can get like a semi-permanent tattoo. However, the tattooist is a permanent inked art that can not be removed if once done. Surprisingly, people search for removable tattoos, whereas very few people regret a permanent tattoo. What do you think about it? Do semi-permanent tattoos exist or not? Well, read this article to explore the whole thing about it. 

Why Do People Look For A Semi Permanent Tattoo

We have been wondering why people wish for a semi-permanent tattoo to start with. And after doing research, we found that around 78 percent of people who got tattoos regret at least one of them. The tattoo regret is genuine, and it is easy to see why the idea of a semi-permanent tattoo is so appealing to so many people. When you insert the tattoo ink under the skin, it is there for good because, essentially, you are digging into the skin. The fact is, the ink may fade over time, but it would not disappear ever. Yes, there is no mysterious ink that disappears thoroughly after a fated term of time.

There Is Something Like A Temporary Tattoo

Some tattoo experts say that they inject the ink very carefully and lightly to make a tattoo that doesn’t become permanent. Although, it is only inserted into a transient layer of skin that will rinse away. For example, hair colors are much like applying rinse to color your hair. Besides that, a hair rinse will undoubtedly start to disappear after around two months.

Semi Permanent Tattoo Might Be A Scam

The semi-permanent tattoo is nothing but a scam. Stick-on tattoos are temporary and last for three to seven days, whereas henna art is temporary and lasts for two to four weeks. But you know what, tattoos are always permanent that will never vanish. All these are the only real choices that you can have. But always remember that even some genuinely temporary choices also come with risks. For instance, the FDA has received reports of allergic reactions to temporary tattoos that contain henna or hair dye, and some even resulted in scarring.

The Tattoo Artist Should Be Certified

Whenever you get a tattoo or any ink, be sure to check that your tattoo artist is certified or licensed by the state, even if it is marketed as semi-permanent. It is necessary to see pictures of earlier treated semi-permanent tattoos on various skin types to know the best.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, if you are not ready to hold your tattoo for your whole life, not getting one at all would be better. It is always better to think twice when there is a subject of whole life commitment. We never suggest you take any risk with your life, whether it is a semi permanent tattoo or something else.

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