Learn From Tattoo Shader Tips And Techniques

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Finding the perfect tattoo shading tips and techniques can take a lot of time and research. But you can speed up your research by reading articles that offer up free tips, designs and recommendations. And it won’t be for nothing, since those same articles will also help you learn how to do a tattoo shading correctly.

Analyze Existing Tattoo

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If you study and analyze existing tattoo images and artwork, you can get a lot of ideas that will be helpful in creating your own tattoo image. But keep in mind that the tips and techniques listed here are only meant as an advice and suggestion, and should not be taken as legal or ethical guidelines on how to actually do a tattoo. There are ways you can highlight and emphasize certain body parts and even use shadows to draw attention to particular areas of your body.

shadows are actually pretty easy to create. It’s all about applying several layers of ink under a light-colored base. Applying more ink under lighter colors will result to brighter shades and darker shadows. You need a steady hand to be able to apply the ink evenly. This technique also applies to coloring your skin with ink; in this case, lighter colors will give you lighter shadows.

Laying On

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The tattoo shading technique known as the ‘laying on’ technique is also used as a method of drawing attention to a particular tattoo design or image. To create this type of shadow, start by drawing the outline of the tattoo using a black marker or pencil. Afterward, use a medium color for highlights (your tattoo shade) and dark color for the shadow. You can either do this by blending or mixing both together.

Another tattoo shading technique that you can use is called the ‘lightening’ technique. Unlike the shadows, the purpose of the lightening technique is to make your tattoo more vibrant and visible. To do this, apply more ink on the area that you want to emphasize, such as the arms, lower back or the groin. You can also darken other parts of the tattoo such as the legs and calves if you’d like to add some height to your tattoo.

Tester’s Shadow

A popular way to make tattoos more interesting and vibrant is the ‘tester’s shadow’. This is done by putting on a full set of black socks and lying down on your stomach. Take off the socks, exposing your toes and then put some black ink on the sole of your foot. Then, create a shadow underneath of your foot by placing the ink underneath your big toes. You can also experiment with different colors such as using dark gray ink or black ink as a lighter shadow.

Last Words

These tattoo shading tips and techniques are only a few of them. There are lots more, which you can learn from the experts and tattoo enthusiasts online. If you want to learn more, you can visit their websites and subscribe to their emails. You can also join some tattoo forums online and talk to other tattoo lovers who can share valuable information about tattooing and tattoo shading.

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