Tattoo Recovery Tips -Things To Do Before You Get A Tattoo Done -

Tattoo Recovery Tips -Things To Do Before You Get A Tattoo Done

tattoo recovery tips

You must do a few things before you get a tattoo. You should drink a lot of water, and this will make the job of the tattooist easy. It is better to avoid alcohol or caffeine before getting yourself a tattoo, as these will make your skin dry. You should also avoid consuming aspirin or other medicines that make the blood thin. Wear comfortable clothes when you are going to get a tattoo, and it is always important to verify the ingredients of the ink from the tattooist before it is put on your skin.

Tattoo Recovery Tips

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You may aspire to show off the tattoo; for that, the tattoo needs to be recovered fast.

This list of tips will help you to recover your tattoo fast.

1. Blood, plasma, and ink may ooze out from the spot where you have got the fresh tattoo. It is necessary to clean the place where you have the tattoo so that liquid does not stick there and make it look nasty.

2. You need to avoid using fragrance soaps for a few days if you have a fresh tattoo. This will prevent itches and irritation that might happen if you use such soaps. It is better if you use fragrance-free, antibacterial soaps.

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3. It is preferable to use warm water to clean the area around the tattoo.

4. Generally, we use to wash clothes to clean our hands of dirt and germs. But, in the case of tattoos, it is better not to use wash clothes, as wash clothes can be the breeding grounds of bacteria and germs. You should clean the area where you have the tattoo simply by using bare hands.

5. Our skin breathes through the tiny pores on its surface. Hence, when you get a fresh tattoo on your skin, Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly is a big NO, as it blocks the pores of the skin, and oxygen cannot pass through these pores. As a result, tattoos take a long time to heal.

6. Apply healing ointment on the place where you have got the tattoo. It will have a two-fold benefit. It prevents the skin from germs and bacteria. Secondly, it can also heal the wound.

7. Avoid sleeping in the place where you have got the tattoo and also avoid putting pressure of any form on it. However, sound sleep is essential for healing the tattoo fast.


Tattoos are the latest trend. However, it is essential to remember that you get your tattoo is done by a specialized tattooist; otherwise, you may suffer from some skin problems.

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