Ten Top Permanent Makeup Tips

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A new breakthrough in cosmetics has come out of San Diego, Sacramento, California. Contouring kits are now available to do away with the need for “touring” the makeup across the face with a sponge. This results in a smoother application, less mess and a more natural look. The makeup is permanent, too-you will have an application that is yours for a lifetime.

For many years women have been trying to find ways to make their marks less visible or less noticeable. Since the advent of laugh lines, lip color and eyeliner, there have been many attempts. However, with these efforts, there is always the risk of side effects, allergy attacks and irritation.

The new permanent makeup system developed in Sacramento uses a special blend of synthetic and natural pigments. It can be used by people with all skin types and all skin tones. Many consumers are impressed by the smooth, even and natural application. One customer declared that it looked like he was wearing no makeup at all.

An Overview

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The colors include blue and green, which blend beautifully with the occasional splash of gold. Orange is a nice choice, but not quite as dramatic. Black and brown provide natural color and are extremely well suited to people with darker complexions and the deep shadows of the African continent. These colors have a slightly warmer feel than some other brands. They can be a little warm when applied to very pale skin.

Some shades of green will appear bluish when applied to very pale skin, and dark shades appear bluish under the bright sunlight. The colors can be purchased in nine main palettes, from which you can choose the shade that best fits your skin. It is important to apply these colors evenly, as a clash can cause a washed-out effect. This problem can be minimized if you learn how to apply them evenly.

Top Permanent Makeup Tips

Permanent makeup is made using a tiny brush that is fitted with an applicator. You can either put it on your eye lid or customize the brush by using a tiny bit of wad tape to hold it steady on the eyelid. To get an accurate application, dab the brush on both sides of the eye. A good primer coat is also recommended. Many of the newer shades of permanent makeup are water-based, but there are some older formulations that are oil-based.

The downside to these newer colors is that they can look yellow-like after many applications. This is not a major problem, but it can be a distraction, especially if you are applying the color in an area with heavy eye makeup. This issue can usually be resolved by lightly washing the makeup out with a washcloth.

If you are thinking about permanent makeup on your Sacrum, you may want to look for a palette that offers more than one complete color. This way you can change your eye color to meet your new mood or outfit. Some people like to use two different shades to create an overall color look that works well with their natural skin tone.

Choosing the right shade is very important. Many eye shadows and bronzers have come in a wide array of colors, but you should avoid shades that appear unnatural or unflattering. For women who have naturally blue or green eyes, you can choose colors such as gray, brown or gray-blue.

Bottom Line

When it comes to looking good, few things beat permanent makeup. Your friends and family will notice how great you look. If you have ever had someone to compliment you on your appearance, then you know how well it works. The best part about permanent makeup is that it stays on for a long time. Unlike tattoos or surgery, you do not have to remove it every day. Keep these permanent makeup tips in mind, and you will look fabulous for years to come.

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