The Greatest Redheads Makeup Tips

redheads makeup tips

Redheads are some of the most beautifully and naturally blessed people. The whole entire chic and very 90s look is something they can pull off on a daily basis. But…there is a but. Pulling off a new haircut is one of the hardest things to adapt to. Now it’s a whole other ball game when it comes to redheads. There is no going back. You are equally blessed with uniqueness and craziness all-in-one. I mean didn’t we all watch the Weasleys pull off red hair like the OG pros they are! When it comes to getting a haircut or being blessed with red hair, it all comes to how you put it all together. Here are some of the tips to help find ways to bring that put-together look.

Careful Eye Makeup

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Eye makeup is one of the most significant parts of facial makeup. One wrong move in this could be a disaster. Why? Because eyes are one of the most expressive features of your face and anything going on there is definitely not going to be missed. Cateye eyeliner enhancing for redheads is a great option. It easily elevates their facial features along with their bright hair. But it doesn’t mean you have to go so low-key. You can always add lashes. And even throw on some dark and glittery mascara and eyeshadow colours. Say, for example, blue mascara tints are a great choice.

Bronzer for the Win

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It is kind of typical that if you are a redhead your skin is going to be pretty light tones. The hair and the skin tone contrast greatly. And that is the beauty of it. But, when it comes to make-up, you can always go mildly wild. And that means, give your face a tinge of colour. Using the bronzer, you can always add a few hues of gold to your cheeks. Those completely give you a balance to the colour contrast. And with your cheeks on fleek, nothing could go wrong.

Minimalistic but Modernistic

And one of the major advice world-famous make-up artists gives redheads is to go a little minimal. The bright colour of your hair is already the biggest highlight. There’s no more high point from there. So with the added make-up all you’re trying to do is bring balance to enhance the look. Which means you are actually not adding anything. Therefore all you have to do is put on a fancy foundation matching your natural colour and working further from there.


We understand the curse of being blessed with such unique hair colour. As it is beyond your control you can always learn to adapt. From dressing according to the way the whole look is enhanced with the hair. And of course, enhancing your facial features to make your whole look stand out. Hope this article helped you discover ways to do just that. Happy Styling!

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