Wedding Makeup Tips For People Who Love Simplicity

wedding makeup tips

Everyone knows that a wedding is one of the most captured days of your life and you would want to look good in every single picture. Makeup is the magic here. While we totally agree that there are a lot of things you might want to take care of when there is a wedding happening especially for you, the focus should also be on other elements like wedding makeup and how the moments are being captured. In this article, we have shared some wedding makeup steps for people who like to be simple.

Get A Trial

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The idea of getting the perfect makeup is to make sure you know what you’re getting. When you choose a makeup artist, you might want to go on a trial and see how you look in the bridal makeup and discuss with the expert about the elements that need improvement and the aspects that need to be reduced. For example, if you are having a winter wedding, then you have to make sure that the foundation does not look too dry or too flat and on the other hand, when you are having a summer wedding, you should make sure that your makeup does not get shiny in a short period of time. Also, make sure you have waterproof products for the balance in your look.

The Touch Up Idea

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When it is not possible for any budget concept to accommodate a makeup artist to stay throughout the wedding, make sure you have a knowledgeable person from your family who knows how to fix things if you need any help. Also, it is advisable that you opt for a high-definition long-standing makeup so that you do not have to constantly worry after a particular set of hours. Makeup should not be the reason you are feeling low on your big day and the focus should be about enjoying your day to the fullest.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Now that you know what kind of makeup you want according to the outfit you are going to wear, you have to prepare yourself and your skin for the day. Make sure to drink enough water before the big day and in fact, it would be advisable if you start drinking water consistently as a habit and you can start this at least a month before your wedding. You will see the hydrated skin glowing on your big day.


It is about finding the balance and how you look and how you present yourself. The makeup perspective that your friend suggested is something she has seen in someone else’s face or that she has tried for herself and it does not necessarily mean you have to follow the same makeup strategy. We all have our personalized post makeup look that makes us look fabulous, so trust the expert and go for what you feel is right. Also, as we mentioned earlier, have some products for the touch up so that you do not worry if there is a change in weather or if you happen to go for another photoshoot with your friends.

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